Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Art Project #3

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        Art Project #3
     What I did on my project is to paint a lion face on it, and put a clock through the middle of it. I painted a lion face by my famous artist, Patricia Lee Christensen.
     One of my biggest problems was painting the lion face onto the pallet because it was hard just sitting there copying it. My other biggest problem was buying the clock because it has to fit into the globs of paint so it can tell time.
     The solution to my problems was to buy the clock so it can fit. Having patients for letting it sit there and dry.
     What I plan to do next is present it and get a good grade on it. My grade if to hopefully get a B or an A.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Art Project # 2

Art Project # 2


     What I did on my project is paint it, cut it, and hot glue it. I had to hot glue my thumb into the hole for the painter to hold it. Then I painted it a dark skin tone because it went better with there pallet color.
     My biggest problem while painting and hot gluing on my project, was messing upon cutting, talking, and the music being another distraction. While I was cutting it, I would mess up and have to shave it off and make it smaller. When I would talk to the people around me, I would get distracted and talk too much instead of working on my project. While I would listen to music, I would get distracted by singing.
     My solution to my biggest problems was to shut them out of my head and tell my self to work instead of messing off. And to not interact with any of the other people around me.
     What I plan to do next is to paint a picture of an easy painting of a lion by my famous painter, Patricia Lee Christensen. And after that, I plan to put a clock in the middle of my painting so it can tell time by the blobs of paint.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Art Project # 1


Art Project # 1


     I took an exact o knife to cut and shape it into a pallet. I had to paint it a bronze color first, then I had to let it dry, next I painted it a second time to make sure it would not come off, after, I have to put 4 more other colors that artists used to paint with.
     With my biggest problem, I had to make sure that it would not get wet and gets other paints on it. I had to put it next to the sink, because there was no other place safe, but I thought wrong, and it got it wet and it would sit there and crack to make me paint it more to make it looks good.
     My biggest problem is getting distracted by the music and loud chatter. And I got distracted also by talking with other people around me.
     The material I needed most, was paint and paintbrushes. When I looked for paints for my paint project, I  found them and was set to go and I started  painting
     What I plan to do next is, paint a lion face on my pallet. Then put clock parts into my art project so it can tell time.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Art History

Some Facts about Patricia Lee Christensen

1. What was there most famous painting?
Autumn Squirrel - Watercolor Painting by Patricia Lee Christensen - Doodlewash       This is her most famous painting:
2. What medium?
    She has worked with almost all of the mediums.
3. Where did they work?
   Patrica Lee Christensen worked in Laton, Utah, USA
4. The most productive period was?
    "I did freelance work along with on-the-spot pastel portrait work and commissions in art festivals and street fairs."

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Grading Criteria

Blog Grading Criteria

The following criteria below outlines how each blog post will be graded

Blog - Each blog post must contain specific criteria:
    1. Your blog will have: Eight complete sentences with proper capitalization, punctuation, and no spelling errors.
    2. Each blog post will be about your experience while working on your project. Your blog will contain the following information:
      1. Two sentences will describe in detail a project update. “What did I do on my project?”
      2. Two sentences will explain in detail my biggest problem while working on my project.
      3. Two sentences will explain in detail the solution to my biggest problem.
      4. Two sentences that conclude your post. Here are a few suggestions to help you with your conclusion:
        1. What do I plan to do next?
        2. What materials do I need?
        3. Or a simple wrap up.
      5. Two photos or images of my project are included.
        1. You are NOT required to be in the photos.

Important Information

  • Students are required to email Mr. Ritter a link to their Blog.
  • Each of your posts must be completed on the specified dates that will be shared in class.
  • You will receive an email showing how your grade was assessed using the rubric below

ELP Blog Rubric